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Wool Yoga Mat

Woolen yoga mat Woolskins

A wool yoga mat is a great choice for anyone who enjoys practicing yoga or meditation. A wool yoga mat offers many benefits for your body, mind and soul. In this text I will tell you more about the wool yoga mats from Woolskins, an online store that specializes in ecological lambskin and wool products for babies, mothers, health and comfort.

Why a wool yoga mat?

Wool is a natural material that has many properties that are good for your well-being. Wool is soft, warm, breathable, moisture regulating and antibacterial. Wool can also help regulate your body temperature, making you less likely to overheat or hypocool. In addition, wool is sustainable and environmentally friendly, because it is biodegradable and does not contain harmful substances.

A wool yoga mat is therefore ideal for practicing yoga or meditation, because it increases your comfort and relaxation. A wool yoga mat is softer and more comfortable than a normal yoga mat, so you will suffer less from pressure points or irritation on your skin. A wool yoga mat is also suitable for all types of yoga, from active to quiet forms. A wool yoga mat can also protect you from cold or hard surfaces, allowing you to better focus on your breathing and posture.

Which wool yoga mat do you choose?

At Woolskins you can choose from different types of woolen yoga mats, all of which are made of high-quality wool. You can choose from:

  • A 100% virgin wool yoga mat with a coconut bottom with latex mixture. This yoga mat is most suitable for active yoga, because the coconut bottom ensures that the mat stays perfectly in place. This yoga mat is available in ecru or gray.
  • A 100% virgin wool yoga mat with an ecoleather bottom. This yoga mat is most suitable for quiet yoga, because the ecoleather underside has a soft and luxurious appearance. This yoga mat is available in ecru-brown or black-black.

An eco lambskin yoga mat. This yoga mat is most suitable for meditation, because the lambskin has an extra thick and soft layer of wool. This yoga mat is available in a single or double version.

How do you order a wool yoga mat?

You can easily order a woolen yoga mat from Woolskins online via the Woolskins website. Woolskins delivers quickly and free within the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. You can also use the gift service, where you can add a personal card to your order. If you have any questions about the products or the order, you can contact Woolskins via the contact form or WhatsApp. Woolskins is ready to help you.

Would you like to pamper yourself with a soft and warm woolen yoga mat? Then take a quick look at the Woolskins website and discover the wide range of woolen yoga mats. You will have no regrets.

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