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Woolskins specializes in sustainable ecological wool products especially for babies and mothers. We proudly offer a beautiful line of ecological wool products that fit in everyone's baby set. Every day we work with great pleasure and passion on our products to make a difference in the lives of children, parents and our environment. Did you know, for example, that we have the largest collection of eco baby-care sheepskins in the Netherlands? Our ecological wool products for babies are soft, comfortable and of great value for parents looking for responsible sustainable products.

"Woolskins, where comfort and durability come together."

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Woolskins: sustainable & comfortable wool products with Woolmark quality

After years of successful collaboration with Alwero, we can now proudly announce that we sell our products under our own Woolskins label. This way you still get the best quality combined with the nicest and unique products/designs from Woolskins. The quality of the fabrics and colors remain as they have always been, only there is now a greater choice with which Woolskins thinks

to distinguish themselves. Our wide collection is composed in such a way that they are a good addition to any baby set, made from 100% European wool that breathes and is suitable for every season. We enthusiastically join forces for a sustainable, natural and most comfortable product for your child.


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Woolskins Baby Shop Amsterdam Wool products for babies

Natural luxury for your little one. Discover the magic from Woolskins

Agata founded Woolskins in 2016, bringing the brand to life. She started with just one sheepskin that she sold to someone who curiously asked where you can buy such a lovely sheepskin for your child. At that time, Agata's own son, Valerius, already had a coat that she had purchased especially for him. Agata was aware of the wonderful properties and benefits of wool, but soon noticed that there were few nice and sustainable products on the market. With her experience as a designer in the clothing industry, she felt that this had to change.

Agata was born in Poland, a country where people have a strong bond with nature. She remembered her grandmother, with whom she always crawled under the warm wool when she was allowed to stay over. When Agata welcomed her own child, she realized that there was a lack of beautiful, natural and sustainable products. She looked back to her own childhood and felt a deep-seated desire to build her own business. With determination and without external financing, Agata started with a single product. Her company is experiencing impressive growth. Today she has proudly built Woolskins into a beautiful brand with a beautiful location in the heart of Amsterdam.

Agata's passion: Accessible and natural wool products for every child

'As a mother you always want the best for your child. That is why it is my wish to make this unique and natural product accessible to every child," said Agata. The desire for comfort, quality and sustainability is the driving force behind the company. Agata's vision goes beyond her own family and reaches out to all parents who want the best for their children. With passion and dedication, she strives to offer high-quality, natural wool products that promote both the well-being of children and the planet.

Cherish and enjoy intense of each precious moment.

Every child is one miracle in life and fills our hearts with joy and happiness.

Ecological wool products: Comfort, safety and sustainability

Woolskins specializes in the sale of ecological wool products. Wool has many advantages, making it an ideal material. Wool fibers act as a natural thermostat, regulating your baby's body temperature and providing comfort and dryness. Wool is hypoallergenic and does not provide an environment for mold, mites or bacteria. In addition, wool is naturally dirt and bacteria resistant, self-cleaning and contains lanolin with disinfectant properties, which can have a healing effect on sensitive or irritated skin.

For example, recent research shows that sheepskins are very beneficial for babies. Sleeping on a sheepskin in the first three months reduces the risk of asthma and allergies at age 6 with 79%. Our wool products are made in Europe from European wool, including our sheepskins. These furs are residual products that are processed into beautiful end products. We do not import products from China or Australia. In this way we adhere to the stricter rules for animal welfare and the environment in Europe.

woolskins, skilled in wool.


“Woolskins brings warmth and style to children's lives.”

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What a nice website. With beautiful natural products. I bought a present for my sister. And it was nicely packaged and with good explanation. This website is definitely worth a recommendation!

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Was in the 'real' store, highly recommended. Fantastic help and I will definitely go back. So many nice and beautiful things, difficult to choose.

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I had personal contact via WhatsApp when I had a question about a product. Received a response very quickly. After this I ordered the product and received the product very nicely packaged with a personal note. I highly recommend this online store!

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Fast delivery. Unique packaging, very stylish and aesthetic. Product of 1st class quality. Enchanting personalization.

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