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Wool products & Sheepskins Specially for Baby's.

Our ecological wool products are soft, healthy and extremely comfortable for your baby. Woolskins has sustainable wool products especially for parents who are looking for responsible baby products with a conscious eye.

When you choose Woolskins, you go for the best quality. All our products are sustainable, ecological and produced in Europe. They are personally checked for quality and always packaged as a gift with a personal note.

Tip: When you buy a Sheepskin? Then use it during your pregnancy. This way your body can relax and all the familiar scents of mom will come into the sheepskin. Such a safe feeling when you are just born. Woolskins, a delicious and honest coat. You feel the difference!

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Why are Ecological Wool Products so good and healthy for your baby.

If you are looking for a beautiful and healthy gift for your newborn child, here are a view good reasons why you should purchase an Ecological Wool Product or Eco Baby-Care Sheepskin.


Breathes and regulates body temperature.

Wool fibers breathe and have the property of acting as a natural thermostat that regulates body temperature? This will help your baby to maintain a stable temperature and keep your baby dry and comfortable. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Vermindert kans op Astma.

Recent research shows that sheepskins are very healthy for babies? The article states that when children sleep on a sheepskin for the first three months of life, they are 79% less likely to develop allergies by the age of 6.


Contains lanolin

Wool contains lanolin. This naturally present lanolin is good for the skin. This substance is also found in human skin and is known for its disinfecting effect. It can also have a healing effect on sensitive and/or irritated skin.


Wool is Hypoallergenic

And is ideally suited for allergy sufferers. This is due to the structure of the fiber, which contains protein as the main component. It actively acts against bacteria and viruses that do not get the chance to multiply. This prevents the development of a climate in which fungi, dust mites or bacteria can thrive.

The benefits of sheepskin for your baby.

One of the main benefits of using sheepskin or wool products for your baby in their crib is that it adapts to their body. Sheepskins for babies are very comfortable and have been proven to mold to your baby and help them comfort, simulating the feeling of being held and cuddled while sitting in the crib.

Don't worry about overheating

With the hollow fibers of a sheepskin, you don't have to worry about overheating your baby. Sheepskin is one of the best materials on the market for regulating body temperature so it doesn't matter if it's a warm night or a cool evening you can rest assured that your baby is comfortable and not overheated or in his own sweat.

Less chance of skin disorders and asthma.

A Sheepskin can also help reduce the risk of skin conditions and asthma. With the lanolin it contains, sheepskin is not only self-cleaning when hung up to dry, but it is also soft and healthy to come into contact with the skin. It provides natural comfort and helps to keep and keep your baby's skin comfortable and healthy.

Choose comfort & health.

With all these advantages, it is therefore a good idea to buy a sheepskin for your child. Good for your baby's comfort and health. Our natural sheepskins can work wonders to keep your baby sleeping comfortably all year round.

Why a sheepskin for your baby​​?

This is because there are many benefits to sleeping on sheepskin. Wool, for example, breathes and regulates body temperature. Babies who sleep on sheepskin sleep better are less likely to develop asthma later in life.

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