Woolskins Sheepskin for Baby
Woolskins Sheepskin for Baby
Woolskins Sheepskin for Baby
Woolskins Sheepskin for Baby
Woolskins Sheepskin for Baby
Woolskins Sheepskin for Baby
Woolskins Sheepskin for Baby
Woolskins Sheepskin for Baby

Sheepskin for Baby – Mimosa Organic (Vegetable Tanned)

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Eco Baby-Care Sheepskin Mimosa – Vegetable tanned

Your baby can play and rest wonderfully on this comfortable soft sheepskin for Babies. Thanks to the natural 'Super Powers' it is warm in winter and cool in summer. It immediately takes the body temperature.!

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Hygiene and quality are of the utmost importance to us, which is why we strive for as few returns as possible. This way we waste less packaging material and have fewer emissions from transport for a better environment.

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Woolskins Baby-Care sheepskins have a shorter pile, making them baby proof. They are suitable from birth and because they are processed with the environment in mind, they protect both the little ones and the planet. At home or on the road, you create a comfortable environment in which your child feels happy and relaxed. Did you know that sheepskin is also healthy for your child?

– Length 90-100cm / Wool pile 3cm.
– 100% Vegetable tanned (mimosa).
– Soft and compact wool.
– NOT machine washable & dryable.
– Easy to maintain.

Order a maintenance brush to keep your sheepskin beautiful for a long time and/or have your coat personalized with the birth data of your/the child. A beautiful and unique gift, available exclusively at Woolskins.

Features Mimosa Sheepskin

This pure vegetable tanned sheepskin uses MIMOSA tannin, which is obtained from the bark of the mimosa tree. The sheepskins are not pre-treated or colored which preserves the original pigmentation. Because the natural pigment spots in the sheepskin are not covered, the coat has a beautiful beige tone. Like all our other sheepskins, wool fibers breathe. This helps your baby maintain a stable temperature and keeps your baby dry and comfortable. Cool in summer and warm in winter.

Eco Friendly

All agents used in tanning and finishing comply with essential EU directives relating to the preservation and protection of the environment.

Our sheepskins are tanned according to the REACH regulations adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment against the risks that chemicals can pose, while increasing the competitiveness of the EU chemical industry. No AZO dyes are used in the production.

ECO PRODUCTS – Sheepskins are Eco Friendly, their processing and handling are safe for adults and children. Sheepskins are biodegradable, organic.

Woolskins does not sell sheepskins with Mulesing applied! Mulesing is not used in European sheep because the parasite, which causes farmers to use mulesing, does not occur in Europe.

Tummy sleepers… pay attention!

For safety reasons, babies who sleep on their stomach for the first 12 months should not sleep on anything soft, this can be dangerous. We therefore advise you to use the Woolskins fur wisely! Always pay attention when your child is lying or sleeping on his/her stomach and make sure that your child is always supervised.