Lanacare Nipple ointment and nursing pads lanolin
Lanacare Nipple ointment and nursing pads lanolin

Nipple Ointment Lanolin (40ml) | LanaCare


The LANACare nipple ointment contains hypoallergenic lanolin, safe for mother and baby. A great product for sore nipples, diaper rash or dry skin.

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LANACare nipple ointment is specially formulated for breastfeeding mothers. The 100% hypoallergenic cream perfectly helps with sore nipples during breastfeeding. The cream nourishes and softens the skin and contributes to the healing of dry and cracked nipple skin.

The nipple ointment has a safe anti-bacterial effect and does not need to be removed before feeding. The Lanolin forms a thin natural antibacterial layer that protects the nipple without closing it off. The balm is easy and smooth to apply.

Only organic and safe ingredients, hypoallergenic lanolin and triglycerin are used in the production of this ointment, both of which are safe for human consumption. The nipple ointment contains no perfume, colorants or preservatives. The nipple ointment does not need to be removed before you start breastfeeding. It is 100% safe for mother and child.

The LANACare lanolin nipple ointment can also be used for other skin problems. It is extremely suitable for restoring dry skin or, for example, diaper rash.

Lanacare lanolin cream has been awarded an A label by the Danish Consumer Council, indicating that it does not contain any problematic chemicals.

History of LANACare

LANACare was founded in 1990 by Danish nurse Jeannette Almstrøm in Denmark. As a mother of 3, Jeannette Almstrøm has developed a range of products for mothers and babies in organic, pure merino wool. Her background as a nurse and a professional education in textiles & design proved to be a perfect combination of skills. Each LANACare item is designed to promote the health and well-being of mother and baby, providing the soothing comfort and breathable warmth that only pure wool can provide.

Today, all LANACare activities are managed by Jeannette Almtrøm herself, who is passionate about finding new and sustainable materials for use in new products that not only promote the health of an individual, but also that of our Mother Earth.

Over the years, LANACare production and distribution quantities have developed enormously. The products are now sold in 28 countries around the world.