Sheepskin washing Woolskins
Sheepskin washing Woolskins

Maintenance kit


This maintenance set is especially for maintaining (washable) sheepskins. The ecological detergent, based on olive oil, has a grease-maintaining effect and contains lanolin to maintain the healthy properties and suppleness of the coat. 250 ml = wash 5x.

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Maintaining your coat is best done by regularly knocking it out and brushing it briefly. This way you keep and keep the coat beautiful.

We recommend waiting as long as possible before washing your 'washable' coat so that all the good qualities of the coat remain in it. Usually airing outside or in the event of a minor accident can be wiped with a damp washcloth.

If you want to wash your coat, you can only do so with our Medical Grade (golden yellow) coats on a 30-degree wool wash program. We have a special ecological wool detergent with lanolin for this. You can also dry these coats in the dryer at a low temperature.

Washing instructions:

1.Place the fur in the washing machine with 50ml of Eco Wool Wash in the soap drawer.
2.Wash the coat at 30 C wool/delicate program (short cycles).
3. Lay the fur with the leather side on a towel and roll it up. Press firmly so that the remaining water absorbs into the towel as much as possible.
4.Now let the coat dry on a flat surface or tumble dry on a low – NOT HOT! – temperature.
5. Allow the coat to dry a bit after this and gently stretch it into shape.

Then brush again if necessary. After washing, the leather side may feel a little stiffer. This will become soft again during use.


* Washing your fur always remains your own responsibility