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Cuddly cushion Sheepy | ecru



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Cuddly cushion Sheepy | ecru


In stock

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This wonderful cuddly pillow is made of wool with a filling of polyester. It's nice for in bed, to sit against it or to cuddle.

Size: 35 x 40 cm.

When you unpack this product you will smell the healthy and natural scent of wool. For us, this is the sign that all good and healthy qualities are still in the wool.

This product has, among other things, the Safe for Children and the Woolmark quality mark.


The Alwero family business was founded in the late 1990s out of the need to create something. In the middle of nature where the sheep graze in the mountains, Alwerode finds the unique raw material that it's all about: raw wool.

By combining old traditions and technical innovation, Alwero creates a world of comfort. Knowledge, craftsmanship and love for wool have ensured that Alwero products are appreciated worldwide.

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