Microsoft Word - 12335 AUTKO GARBUS NATURALNE- Deklaracja zgodno
Microsoft Word - 12335 AUTKO GARBUS NATURALNE- Deklaracja zgodno
Microsoft Word - 12335 AUTKO GARBUS NATURALNE- Deklaracja zgodno
Wooden push stick - walking stick Wooden toy Woolskins Tarnawa
Houten speelgoed - Houten bus - Woolskins - Tarnawa

Houten Auto – Naturel


Deze houten auto is perfect voor kleine handjes om vast te pakken en rond te zoemen. Gemaakt van glad, duurzaam hout, veilig en duurzaam voor eindeloze fantasierijke avonturen.


  • Gemaakt van duurzaam hout.
  • Gladde, geverfde afwerking.
  • Grof formaat voor gemakkelijk vastgrijpen.
  • Laat de creativiteit van uw kind de vrije loop met dit tijdloze houten speelgoed!

Brand: Tarnawa
Production: Poland

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  • Material: Wood with FSC® quality mark
  • Afmetingen: 11,0 x 5,5 x 5,5 cm
  • Age: Toddler

Turn playtime into learning time with this wooden balance game! Order it today and let your child experience the fun!

About Tarnawa

Trust family tradition!

We know how to make every child happy from an early age. We know that its development and safety are just as important as fun. More than 80 years of work in making toys and items from wood has taught us this. We offer our customers high-quality wooden toys for children that are not only sturdy, but also safe. We pass on knowledge, experience, passion and commitment in our house from generation to generation. Tarnawa is not just a company, it's a family!

Wooden Walking duck Pushing stick Wooden toy Woolskins Tarnawa

High-quality toys for your and our children!

We believe that as a parent you want the toys you give your child to be beautiful, carefully made, durable and safe. We ensure that our wooden products, thanks to their functionality, but also aesthetics and precision of finish, serve your child for as long and as best as possible. We make them by hand, with attention to the smallest details. Tarnawa's wooden toys are not mass produced, they are small works of art.

We create with the times!

The world is constantly evolving, just like your child and you. Development is the basis of existence. Years of experience have taught us that we should not stand still and that is why we constantly try to do something new. As a manufacturer of wooden toys, we combine a passion for traditional toy making techniques with a modern look. We reach you, dear parent, thanks to modern media, which makes it easier for you and your child to access our natural products.


Wooden Walking duck Pushing stick Wooden toy Woolskins Tarnawa


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