Sheepskin rug - lambskin front you and your baby

Are you pregnant or have you just given birth and are you looking for a wonderfully soft sheepskin rug for your baby? Then you have come to the right place at WOOLSKINS! The soft sheepskins from WOOLSKINS ensure that your baby will lie comfortably on the lambskin.

Sheepskin rug small or large

You can put the sheepskin for your baby in the Maxi-Cosi, in the playpen, in the car seat, in the cot or in the pram. In addition, you can of course also use this sheepskin as a play dress for your baby.

Play, discover and rest. Make the time extra special for your child with our healthy eco baby-care lambskins.

The best quality and service

100% European ecological wool and are exclusively produced in Europe. 

The softest sheepskin available and full of good features

The eye for detail of the employees of WOOLSKINS

Luxury gift packaging with a personal message

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Healthy and responsible sheepskins for your baby

The sheepskin for your baby from WOOLSKINS is soft and also healthy for you and your baby. They are a real essential for modern parents who are looking for responsible products that actually have added value for their baby. These woolen rugs for your baby have been specially selected for quality and comfort by the employees of WOOLSKINS, so that you are assured of the fact that your baby will lie wonderfully soft on the lambskin.

Personal scent in the lambskin rug for your baby

When you lie down on the sheepskin rug during your pregnancy, your scent will soak into the woolen rug. When your baby is lying on the woolen rug, your little one will smell your scent, making your baby very calm.

The benefits of sheepskin for your baby

A sheepskin for your baby has many advantages. The sheepskin, for example, serves as a natural thermostat that regulates your baby's body temperature. This keeps your baby at a stable temperature and keeps your child dry and comfortable.


In addition to being comfortable, a woolen dress has a beneficial effect on health. When babies lie on a wool rug for the first three months of life, they are significantly less likely to develop asthma and allergies by the age of 6. The chance decreases by no less than 79%!

Extra comfortable

A sheepskin also supports your baby's body, because the pressure is distributed on the body. This makes your baby extra comfortable on the sheepskin rug. This pleasant position on the sheepskin is nurturing for your baby, because your baby feels as if he or she is being held and cherished. When your baby is on a sheepskin, your baby will be calmer and cry less.

Durable, washable and dirt-resistant

All sheepskins are practical and durable. In addition, you can safely wash them in the washing machine. Because the sheepskins mainly contain natural wool fat, the sheepskin for your baby is dirt-repellent and water-resistant. This means you don't have to wash the lambskin often in the washing machine.

Sheepskin for your baby from WOOLSKINS

Are you convinced of the benefits sheepskin has on your baby? Order a lambskin for your baby at WOOLSKINS! Do you have any questions about lambskin for your baby? Then take a look at the website or contact the employees of WOOLSKINS by filling in the contact form! You can also contact them by clicking the Whatsapp button or the call button. The employees are happy to tell you more about what a woolen dress can mean for the comfort and health of your baby.

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