Zaffiro Woolskins woolen Footmuff and wool products for baby

Zaffiro Wool Products

Zaffiro Woolen Footmuff, Baby Clothing and Wool Products

Zaffiro has a nice collection Wool products for your baby and are now available at Woolskins. After all, we know how important it is to give your child a good start. Zaffiro specializes in baby products for babies. Zaffiro emerged from a Polish family business. Since our beginnings in 1989, we have specialized in the production of baby and children's products and most of what we produce is exported to more than 40 countries. We created the Zaffiro brand to promote products that support parents who are aware of the importance of intimacy and bonding with their baby from the first hours after birth.

We know that your baby and his or her healthy development are important to you from day one. Over the years we have worked to promote parenting and support parents in this new, unique role they will play. Everything we create is crafted for the sake of loving hearts.


We are a team with a defined purpose: supporting the concept of intimacy and beauty . We design in the interests of children and parents, taking into account the needs of both. Comfortable, ergonomic and modern, but always safe – these are the characteristics of the Polish products ZAFFIRO. Our designers are authors of unique solutions (patents) and creators of original designs (including fabrics).


We manufacture even the smallest elements to the strictest standards, carefully testing the strength of the material and using the highest quality materials. Fabrics must be absolutely harmless and safe, which is confirmed by the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 class 1 certificate.

Awards and successes

We are very proud of the fact that our work is appreciated by both parents and professionals who represent our industry. We have received many important awards and have a special Kid Zone quality certificate, which is supervised by the Ombudsman for Children. We have made our dreams come true: the Polish company that sets the highest standards in quality, safety and design.


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