What are the characteristics of virgin wool

New wool is more than just a nice term. The virgin wool fabric has a unique set of characteristics that make it a sought-after material in the textile world. Here's a closer look at what sets this fabric apart:

1. Untouched and Pristine: this wool comes from the first shearing of a young sheep, which means it untreated and unprocessed is , unlike recycled wool. Imagine tresses untouched by chemicals and retaining their natural purity and softness.

2. Luxuriously Soft: Through the first shearing, new wool has a exceptional fineness and delicate fibers , leading to a luxuriously soft and smooth feeling against the skin. Imagine cashmere-like comfort with a natural flair.

3. Breathability Champion: forget stuffy sweaters! The unique fiber structure of new wool provides excellent air circulation , keeping you warm in winter and surprisingly cool in summer. It even wicks away moisture naturally , ideal for an active lifestyle.

4. Naturally Odor Resistant: Unlike synthetic fabrics, virgin wool has antibacterial properties , meaning it resistant to odor formation . Say goodbye to constant washing: frequent airing is enough!

5. Wrinkle Free Miracle: no ironing necessary! The inherent structure of virgin wool ensures that it naturally wrinkle resistant saving you time and effort while keeping it looking sleek.

6. Durable and Durable: this wool has superior strength and durability compared to its recycled counterparts. With proper care it can last for years, making it a sustainable investment.

7. Environmentally conscious: Choose virgin wool supports responsible sheep farming practices and contributes to better land management and animal welfare. However, choosing ethically sourced, certified wool (e.g. the Responsible Wool Standard) is crucial.

8. Versatile and adaptable: From cozy knits to tailored suits, the adaptability virgin wool knows no bounds. It drapes beautifully, takes vibrant colors well and offers endless possibilities for stylish creations.

9. Naturally Flame Resistant: Compared to synthetic fabrics, virgin wool shows inherent flame retardant properties , which provides an extra layer of security.

10. Biodegradable Advantage: At the end of its lifespan it becomes new wool broken down naturally and returns to Earth without leaving behind harmful microplastics.

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