Woolskins has a large collection of Alwero baby clothes. This is specially made to our design by Alwero under Woolskins private label. Thanks to good cooperation, we have come to a beautiful collection of woolen baby clothes that we can not only offer to our customers, but now also to shops.

Alwero has become particularly known in the Netherlands for its good quality wool products and fun designs. For example, the Alwero bodywarmers, the Alwero baby slippers and the Alwero woolen crib blankets have been a great success for years. All our Woolskins private label baby clothes and baby products are exclusively produced by Alwero in Poland and are Woolmark certified.

Crib Blanket Wool Alwero Woolskins

Our Alwero collection consists of a number of products that we think belong in, for example, layettes or should be part of a kind of 'basic equipment' for all parents who are looking for sustainable and ecological wool products for babies.

The family business was founded in the late 1990s out of the need to create something. In the middle of nature where the sheep graze in the mountains, Alwero finds the unique raw material that it's all about: raw wool.

By combining old traditions and technical innovation, Alwero creates a world of comfort. Knowledge, craftsmanship and love for wool have ensured that the products are appreciated worldwide.

Our collection includes woolen baby slippers, woolen baby blankets, Alwero bodywarmers, Alwero wrap blanket wingy, woolen winter suits and even woolen nursing pillows with wool ball filling. The wool wrap blankets and hooded blankets are very popular items.

Woolskins supplies all wool products directly from our own stock, well packaged and with a personal note.

If you have any questions or requests, please contact us via telephone number +31 (0)20 20 44 557 or by email to Whatsapp is also possible!

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